Automated KYC API

Automate on-boarding and identity verification with advanced KYC and AML automation for individual and corporate users, across the globe. Meet global regulatory requirements and mitigate risk with an easy-to-use solution including facial recognition, 3D liveness detection, global document verification and fraud prevention tools.

Messaging & Protocols

Obermind Platform provides server-side Automated KYC & AML solutions.
  • Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia
  • Supports over 200 countries
  • Over 1500 document checks
  • Fraud prevention layers
  • Automate single and periodic checks
  • Get machine-readable data in milliseconds
  • Sanctions (EU, UN, OFAC, SECO, HM Treasury)
  • Politically Exposed Person lists
  • Interpol
  • Lost and stolen documents
  • Financial Crime databases