Obermind Flow

Advanced multi-asset, broker-neutral trading platform and portfolio management system that scales with you.
Use Obermind Flow’s rich IDE and built-in API to research, monitor, automate and deploy global trading systems.
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Algorithmic Framework Automation is at the core of what Obermind is all about. Automate trading strategies, routing rules, market data collection – you set the limits. Use one of the most comprehensive API libraries for financial markets to research, build and deploy algorithms across multiple assets and venues.

OberMind.Strategy_ API
Algorithmic Trading Software
Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management.

Advanced Portfolio Management Monitor global Portfolios across markets, asset classes and exchanges. Get granular Performance metrics, analytics and monitor real-time positioning, profit/loss and risk metrics in multiple currencies in real-time. Keep it as simple or detailed as you want.

OberMind.Portfolio API


Real-time Market Data Monitor real-time pricing across multiple asset classes and venues, in one place. Create multiple views for different Providers and assets. Monitor Bid, Ask, Change, Trades (Time/Sales), Size and timestamps.Easily generate real-time charts or route orders with a single-click.

OberMind.Ticks API
Real-Time Market Data Monitoring
Financial Market Data Management

Market Data.

Market Data Management Use ObermindDB, our proprietary light-weight, high performance storage system with built-in compression/decompression for financial market data to build your financial market data warehouse. Store and query any type of market data that matters, from any electronic venue. Ticks, custom Bar sizes, Level2, Fundamental Data and Statistical Indicators and News, whatever data you work with – we support. Query millions of events per second in back-test or real-time mode.

OberMind.DataObject API

Order Management.

Order Management System (OMS) Advanced Order Management System for a true multi-asset, multi-venue framework. Track all Orders, Execution Reports, Response Time, Fill Rates and much more using a high-performance, light-weight user interface. Drill-down and query each messaging and time-stamp using regular expressions and advanced filters in real-time.

OberMind.Order API
Order Management System
High Performance Financial Charting

Advanced Charting.

High Performance Charting Numerous chart types from Line, Bar, Tick to Scatter and Bubbles. Custom-built for intensive Real-Time and Research usage. Plot what matters to you, any data points, time-series, market fills, fundamental data or any other data you need. Build charts with millions of data-points in milliseconds.

OberMind.Strategy_.Log Method

Providers & Instruments.

Provider Management Manage all your Providers and Integrations (brokers, exchanges, platforms and more) in one place. Connect to pre-integrated Providers in 30 seconds, just update settings and experience new opportunities and price discovery. Use our API and SDK to easily build new plugins and connect to any third-party API in the world.

Instrument Management From FX and Equities to Cryptocurrencies and Options, the Obermind Platform is built to manage tens of thousands of instruments across multiple venues in one platform. Easily update and manage instruments using a few lines of code or use the intuitive user interface to customise, update and create new instruments.

OberMind.Provider APIOberMind.Instrument API
Instrument Management. Financial Provider Management.