Machine Learning.

Business and user data is growing exponentially. OberMind MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) help businesses and organisations yield profitable insights by applying advanced machine learning techniques, modern computer technologies and domain expertise.
Discover our Processes


Provide us with your structured data. CSV, spreadsheets or relational databases, we take care of the rest.


We identify contributing features and run a large number of regression, classification or time series experiments.


We preprocess the data, removing overly sparse, low variances and over-correlated features and generate additional features using a variety of heuristics.

Experimentation & Automation


We will search through thousands of algorithms and hyperparameters to find the best performing models and create ensembles to further improve accuracy.


We will present our findings and analysis to you in a detailed report. Our reports are designed to provide answers to executives and scientists alike.


We create prediction endpoints to automatically generate predictions from new data you encounter. Fully managed and automated.

Use Cases